Wayne Daniel featured in BJP

Graduate and Free Range exhibitor Wayne Daniel is featured in the July edition of the British Journal of Photography.


Wayne “… takes a novel look at the photographic archive and questions notions of validity, authenticity and manipulation …”

He graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Photography.


Daniel Llobera wins BJP’s Best in Show at Free Range 2013




Daniel Llobera’s final year under graduate degree show project has been chosen as the Best in Show by the British Journal of Photography at Free Range 2013.

Writing on the BJP website, Gemma Padley explains:

“While this freedom of communication has its obvious advantages, there is a darker side; the blurring of the distinction between public and private has made it increasingly difficult to know what or who is real. When we see an image of a person online how can we be sure he or she is who they say they are?

These are some of the issues graduate Daniel Llobera addresses in his project, Search, which has won one of BJP‘s two Best in Show prizes at this year’s Free Range exhibitions.

Appropriating portraits from dating websites, missing persons sites and the FBI ‘most wanted’ website, Llobera manipulates these images digitally to make them look pixelated and in doing so questions the way we present ourselves online. At the core of the project are questions of representation and how we gather information about other people in an online world.”

More content here http://www.bjp-online.com/british-journal-of-photography/feature/2277066/daniel-llobera-wins-bjps-best-in-show-at-free-range-2013


Bethany Hewitt – Judges’ Selection in Source Graduate Photography Online 2013


Bethany Hewitt has been selected by one of the Source Judges, Sue Steward, Photography Critic for London Evening Standard.

“Fashion photography outside of magazines struggles for recognition as Fine Art and is often the least praised in competitions. Bethany Hewitt ignores the classic styles and predictable ‘shoots’, instead working with collage to challenge traditional depictions of women. By replacing facial features with cut-out patches of blackness, she ironically creates a new, unconventional, Dadaist beauty. The collage which opens this series, reveals her tremendous skill which results in a myriad of model-perfect faces and lips. Works on Hewitt’s own website reveal strong influence from the pioneering photo-collagists Hannah Hoch and the contemporary John Stezaker.”

View the series online http://www.source.ie/graduate/2013/selection3.html

Gary Woods – Judges’ Selection in Source Graduate Photography Online 2013

Gary Woods

Gary Woods was selected by one of the Source Judges, Dagmar Seeland, the UK Picture Editor at Stern.

“Gender issues were the subject of a number of works. Some projects were executed with great sensitivity and clear personal involvement, but none managed to inject humour into the debate as well as ‘The Little Merman’ by Gary Woods. This reinterpretation of Anderson’s tale is told in dreamlike images with a nod to Tim Walker. A story for our time, convincingly narrated and tapping directly into topical social issues still capable of raising eyebrows, such as gay marriage.”

View the series at Source Online: www.source.ie/graduate/2013/selection2.html

Vantage Exhibition website: www.vantageexhibition.com