Field Notes Reading Group

On Tuesday April 23rd the Photography Research Group held its second session of the reading group Field Notes. The session took place in the Media Innovation Space (ME414) Dr Andrew Warstat chaired the session and selected the works under discussion.




Continuing on from the discussion in the first session, the meeting focused on the way photography is conceptualised through photographic genres (as we discussed in relation to Martha Rosler) and via its connection with art, philosophical aesthetics, history and politics. The question of how we ‘think’ through photographs, its historical baggage and ‘autonomy’ were explored and its relationship to our understanding of what photography ‘is’, today.




The set reading for this session were:


1.’Photography and Aesthetics’ – Peter Wollen, Screen, 17:4 (1978/79).


2.’Marks of Indifference: Aspects of Photography in, or as, Conceptual Art’ – Jeff Wall in The Last Picture Show, ed. Douglas Fogle (Minneapolis: Walker. Art Centre, 2003), pp. 32-44.


3.Adorno, (1992) ‘Letter to Walter Benjamin’, Brooker, P, Modernism/Postmodernism (London: Longman) pp.50-57.




The next session of Field Notes will take place on the last week of September. It will be led by David Dennison. If you would like to attend or would like more info, please e-mail John Aitken –