‘Savannah Soul’ by Bartlomiej Staszowski


vogue_001  vogue_002

Savannah Soul is my final piece of fashion work for the open project module. I decided to contrast traditional African hair pieces and make-ups with clothes from high street stores.
The pictures have recently been published in ‘New African Woman’ magazine and two of them have been published on ‘Vogue Italy’ website.

Berlin Stories: Karl Child

With a passion for photography and street art, visiting what is known as the Street Art Capital of Europe with my course was an opportunity I couldn’t miss. The initial preparation and research we carried out before visiting Berlin played a vital part for me as I had never been before and didn’t fully know what to expect. Throughout the research it was still a struggle to really grasp an understanding for the culture, and nail down what it was I wanted to document whist we were there but from the moment we arrived it was clear to me that I had to document everything!

In the same way that graffiti artists have used every part of Berlin from the bins to the bridges to make their mark, I wanted to capture every part of the city to produce a body of work that could be viewed by people like myself, who had never visited Berlin and I wanted them to be able to understand and almost feel as though they were there themselves.

Below is a selection of photographs that I’ve chosen to represent Berlin from my point of view. They capture the architecture and construction of the ever-growing city, and document how the space is used and occupied by the people of Berlin through a series of landscape and portrait images.

There are more images and a separate project at www.karlchild.com which looks at a single street corner and the people that pass by over a short period of time, taken from an observational vantage point.

Berlin Photography by Karl Child_138


Berlin Photography by Karl Child_117


Berlin Photography by Karl Child_122


Berlin Photography by Karl Child_177


Berlin Photography by Karl Child_212

Berlin Stories: Simone Trumpet

The Refugees Revolution demonstration of 23.03.2013 with over 5000 participants was the subject matter for my group project with journalists Faye Grima and Terri-Ann Williams.  They interviewed individuals and recorded the event while I used black and white 35mm film to photograph the protest.  As I have a growing interest in portrait photography, these are my chosen portrait images of participants from the event that stood out to me; these photographs shows the diversity of Germans who come together to fight for what they believe in.







Portraits of Strangers

This is one of the first briefs that students encounter at UCLan – they are encouraged to develop the way they look at the world and its inhabitants, and we discuss some of the issues surrounding identity and stereotyping.

Luke Saxon

Luke Saxon

Charlotte Bolton

Charlotte Bolton

Megan Bayliss (2)s Megan Bayliss (1)s

Megan Bayliss

Sarah Lawler (1)s Sarah Lawler (2)s

Sarah Lawler

Chris Teagles 1

Chris Teagles


Alex Cutler (1) stereotypes

Alex Cutler

Sara Leonard (2) Sara Leonard (1)

Sarah Leonard