Tour de France 2014 – the Grand Depart

The Grand Depart of the Tour de France came to the UK from the 5th to the 7th of July.
Two staff from Photography, Jon Purcell and David Dennison, documented different aspects of the Tour in a number of Yorkshire locations. Photography student Laura Shepherd followed the Tour in France, accompanied by two MA Publishing students who will be producing a book of the event within the next few weeks.

Jonathan Purcell documented the area at the top of Cragg Vale – England’s longest continuous gradient. As the climb reached its peak many cycling fans waited at Blackstone Edge Reservoir before the descent into Ripponden.







David Dennison concentrated on the route in Wensleydale and Swaledale, particularly the way in which local businesses and communities responded to the big event.







Lancashire County Council Archives visit

Second year students took a trip to the Lancashire County Council Archives to get an insight into their working processes, how to become a contributor and what photographic treasures are held in the large collection.

Vicci McCann -senior archivist- was kind enough to dig out a range of interesting material from the archive to display to the students. Everything from a 17th Century hand written letter discussing the gun powder plot, to some early 20th Century Daguerreotypes were available for perusal.




Building links with a local institution like this has become an excellent method of first hand learning for all involved.

Students explore Photography as Object.

As part of the Constructed image module, a group of second year students completed a lecture and workshop session examining the relationship photography has with three dimensions. The short session accumulated in the students using found imagery to create their own three dimensional photographic art piece.

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Once the objects had been completed, they were then rephotographed in studio conditions, raising questions about the validity of photography as art, and the value of an art object.

Graduate Profile – Wayne Daniel Exhibition

Psuedo by Wayne Daniel

Exhibition runs from 6 September to 30 September 2013 at FYCreatives in Blackpool


Psuedo is the first Solo Show of photographic works by UCLan graduate Wayne Daniel

“The archive of Dr. Walter Verbogden c1958 – 1964 concerns the validity and truth of the Chimera, which employs the splicing together of DNA of two or more animal species to create a new heightened species.  This idea, although mythical at its route, is very possible with modern technology and advances in the field of genetics.

It is only in today’s society that morals and ethics fully police the world and work of science, especially in relation to genetics.  As shown in the images, found by the photographer and carefully reprinted using traditional darkroom methods, the use of technology to indulge in pseudo-scientific ideas of creating new species has been employed in past decades.


The work presented is curated from parts of a discovered archive dated between 1958 and 1964, shown along with what appears to be German transcripts of the scientific processes employed and the byproducts of the creation of these ‘animals’.  All artifacts were discovered at a car boot sale by the photographer and the seller had little knowledge about the many slides of film he possessed after buying the entire contents of a storage facility at auction which contained vintage medical equipment.”


FYCreatives: Gallery open Mondays and Wednesdays to Fridays, 9am-4.30pm.

154-158 Church Street

Tel: 01253 477147
Fax: 01253 477145


Staff Profile: Brian J Morrison Belfast Photo Festival

Second and Third Year Lecturer Brian J Morrison’s recent solo exhibition was part of this year’s Belfast Photo Festival. His work Ripped Chiselled and Rock Hard is a photographic installation created through sourcing images from past issues of extreme bodybuilding publication Muscle and Fitness.

“Via the act of re-photographing, re-printing, enlarging, cutting, mounting and balancing, Morrison presents a selected number of photographs used in advertisements from Muscle and Fitness (1980 to 89) outside of their original visual context.  The cut-out images in Ripped, Chiselled and Rock Hard have not been manipulated and remain as they were found in their magazine, with no alterations made other than enlarging the image after tracing its outline and removing it from its background.With their subjects in a state of activity, ‘flex’ or ‘pump’, these representations seek to encourage the male viewer to admire the apparent physical strength, yet never lust after the sculpted body. This ideology is reinforced via another commonly used visual construction of hetero-masculinity, in which these bodies attain not only an identity but also become the possession of a female admirer”




Ripped Chiseled and Rock Hard, Belfast Photo Festival 2013

Open Submission – Xu by Karl Child






Karl Child a current second year student progressing into third year presents ‘xu’ a project exploring the lives of a Chinese family living in Preston. Karl explains the project:

“For my second year final assignment for the ‘Photography and the City’ module, and also as part of an on-going project for UCLan’s Confucius Institute, I have recently been working with a Chinese family who live in Preston, documenting their lives at home. The images are part of a larger project that looks at Chinese Heritage in the North West. The images were taken using a Walker Titan 5×4 camera, processed by Peak Imaging, and then I scanned them using the scanning facilities in the Media Factory. I used the Walker Titan camera as I was forced to slow down and think more about what I wanted to communicate and how I was going to compose my images. The whole process takes much more time and consideration than shooting on a digital camera and I believe this way of working improves both quality and concept.”

UCLAN at Free Range 2012

The countdown to this years graduate exhibition at London’s foremost Art, Design and Photography show case Free Range has begun. 15 Graduates have been selected to show their work this year and we are all very excited about this.

Last year was a fantastic sucess with a number of influential visitors attending. UCLAN documented the opening night and chatted to 2012 graduate Ayesha Jones about her project, Imperfection