Induction Week Liverpool Visit: ‘Leisure’

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Liverpool Induction event for 1st Years at UCLan.

Staff and students visited Liverpool during induction week.

Conceptual Pointing

Students visited the Open Eye Gallery and discussed the work and the intentions and the themes and ideas explored with the current show ‘Not all Documents are Records: Photographing Exhibitions as an Art Form.


Course Leader John Aitken documented the trip.


Students explored the theme leisure and some of their photographic realisations are here.

Danny McCabe:


Samuel Jackson:

Group 5

Charlotte Ball:


Adam Pickford:


Gabrielle Dawkins:


Sophie Colquhon:



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Liverpool Biennial

Students and staff at UCLan visited Liverpool Biennial and were involved in researching and gathering inspiration from the exhibited artists. Students were then required to photographically respond to an artist’s work or produce a response to the key themes explored in their work. The images attached were taken by Course Leader John Aitken as a document of the trip.

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