Open submission – Ozone Dave by Josh Payne and Megan Mandeville




Ozone Dave  is a collaborative project that I & Megan Mandeville ,  UClan fashion styling student, produced. The principal element to the project was based around enduring fashion styles. Megan chose the sitter & I organised the documentation processes. I found it appropriate that the sitter became in charge of the representation of his identity. This led me to give him the option of using his own old imagery & shooting on a basic point & shoot film camera to have past & present documents of him throughout his life. This then led onto postproduction work which enabled me to consider the possibility of the future of rockabilly fashion. His shop is ironically called Ozone, which ties in well with this perpetual space like fashion style. I was concentrating more on the clothes & additions to the human body hence why I have chosen to delete the visible skin; this also causes an uncertain anonymity about the work much like, where enduring fashion styles are likely to transpire to. This uncertainty & experimentation coincides with the way we perceive space & time; this is where I chose to link the two together in more of a light hearted humorous way. The gifs were put in place to remind us that the styles go through changes but repeat themselves sure enough.

The Fashion Image

The Fashion Image is a unique module that is studied by both 2nd yr Photography and 2nd yr Fashion Promotion with Styling students.  Each academic year students collaborate to share their skills as they would in a professional context.  For this brief the group was given the starting theme of Health and Safety to interpret into a 12 page editorial project.  This is some of the work that has just been submitted:

JoshPayne_MichelleVacchini_SophiaAdli_IsaacMellalieu_AnnaLatham 1

JoshPayne_MichelleVacchini_SophiaAdli_IsaacMellalieu_AnnaLatham 2

Ph – Josh Payne & Isaac Mellalieu / St – Michelle Vacchini & Sophia Adli & Anna Latham


Ph – Lisa Stirling & Stephanie Celi / St – Sarah Eaton & Katie Bailey & Charlotte Wilson

DanielEllison_SophieLearoyd_FionaStanding_ThomasOrrell_SarahCullen 1

DanielEllison_SophieLearoyd_FionaStanding_ThomasOrrell_SarahCullen 2

Ph – Sarah Cullen & Thomas Orrell / St – Daniel Ellison & Sophie Learoyd & Fiona Standing

LaurenJoKelly_NicolaWilliams_SianMoore_LizzieBailey_HarrietAshworth 1

Ph – Lauren Jo Kelly & Nicola Williams / St – Sian Moore & Lizzie Bailey & Harriet Ashworth


Ph – Josephine Kabeya & Ashleigh Willer / St – Charlotte Cottenden & Ciara Reddington & Rachel Allison


Ph – Kate Allison & George Birch / St – Zoe Gray & Danielle O’Brien & Ettie Wexsteen

BartStaszowski_AdamHutt_TaraMckenzie_EmilyLong_KimberleyHoward 1

BartStaszowski_AdamHutt_TaraMckenzie_EmilyLong_KimberleyHoward 2

Ph – Bart Staszoski & Adam Hutt / St – Tara McKenzie & Emily Long & Kimberley Howard