Photo UClan exhibition: Launch event

We would like to invite you to the Photo UCLAN exhibition launch event on Wednesday 25th May from 4pm to 7pm at PR1 Gallery, Victoria Building.


The exhibition is a show case of a selection of work from students across all three years of the undergraduate BA photography program.

Third year students will be exhibiting new works in the PR1 Gallery, spanning a range of photographic practice, including, contemporary fashion, documentary, collage and the photobook.

A selection of second year work from the Photography and the City module, will be on display in the photography gallery area found above PR1

Year one students will also be displaying photographic publications, which have been produced over the course this semester, exploring a diverse range of narrative driven photo work.


We hope to see you there.


Students explore Photography as Object.

As part of the Constructed image module, a group of second year students completed a lecture and workshop session examining the relationship photography has with three dimensions. The short session accumulated in the students using found imagery to create their own three dimensional photographic art piece.

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Once the objects had been completed, they were then rephotographed in studio conditions, raising questions about the validity of photography as art, and the value of an art object.

Berlin Stories: Josh Payne

Exploring the change & transformation of a city expressed through abstract formations within the structure of surrounding buildings and materials involved. Consisting of open ended formations, in which the viewer can only imagine where the rest of the picture leads to. This continual development and transformation of a city will be presented in the form of an editable publication, allowing the viewer to make the decision for them self.

IMG_2984 copy


IMG_3395_1 copy



Collage Workshop

'Collage Workshop' PH1020

‘Frozen Vanity’ Sarah Lawler, 2012

PH1020 – Experimental Practice

First year BA photography students developed photographic work during a ‘collage workshop’
In preparation we collected material from car boots, second hand book shops and found images. Taking influences from historical and contemporary references we explored with a ‘no camera’ photographic process. Through exploring with visual communication the realisations are engaging and pertinent.

Luke Saxon, 2012

Luke Saxon, 2012

Chris Teagles, 2012

Chris Teagles, 2012