Bethany Hewitt – Judges’ Selection in Source Graduate Photography Online 2013


Bethany Hewitt has been selected by one of the Source Judges, Sue Steward, Photography Critic for London Evening Standard.

“Fashion photography outside of magazines struggles for recognition as Fine Art and is often the least praised in competitions. Bethany Hewitt ignores the classic styles and predictable ‘shoots’, instead working with collage to challenge traditional depictions of women. By replacing facial features with cut-out patches of blackness, she ironically creates a new, unconventional, Dadaist beauty. The collage which opens this series, reveals her tremendous skill which results in a myriad of model-perfect faces and lips. Works on Hewitt’s own website reveal strong influence from the pioneering photo-collagists Hannah Hoch and the contemporary John Stezaker.”

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Collage Workshop

'Collage Workshop' PH1020

‘Frozen Vanity’ Sarah Lawler, 2012

PH1020 – Experimental Practice

First year BA photography students developed photographic work during a ‘collage workshop’
In preparation we collected material from car boots, second hand book shops and found images. Taking influences from historical and contemporary references we explored with a ‘no camera’ photographic process. Through exploring with visual communication the realisations are engaging and pertinent.

Luke Saxon, 2012

Luke Saxon, 2012

Chris Teagles, 2012

Chris Teagles, 2012