Liminal Fashion & Photography

As part of the Fashion & Photography module, students were asked to interpret the concept of ‘Liminal’ as a 12 page fashion spread.
In the final session, students looked at Reed + Rader, Alis Pelleschi, Quentin Jones and Daniel Browns interactive pieces for Showstudio.
After a short & intensive workshop on the process of making an animated gif. Students were then given all 120 images from their Liminal submission and asked, in groups of 2, to create an animated gif that would explore the concept of Liminal further by merging images together/creating animations to make a truly Liminal image.
They then had to submit these within 1 hour to the Diesel Reboot site for Diesel’s #weareconnected brief, several of which have been published.


Hazel Whittall and Sandija Sandovska


Megan Bayliss and Alex Hartley


Drag Queen of the Week

Manchester-based third year student Lauren Jo Kelly has been exploring the world of drag through her photography project ‘Life’s a Drag’. Working with five queens, each dressed her as their drag persona, projecting their own alterego onto her.

Anna Phylactic

Lauren Jo Kelly as Anna Phylactic

Cheddar Gawjus

Lauren Jo Kelly as Cheddar Gawjus

Lauren was featured on The Gay Agenda Radio last week as “Drag Queen of the Week” and was interviewed about her project.

Listen to the MP3 here:

Fab Radio International – The Gay Agenda:

GayAgendaRadio | Mixcloud:

Staff Profile – Pleasure Prom by Mark Reeves

We recently embarked on a photography research trip to Blackpool during trips week to continue to explore ideas in the town. These images continue a long standing interest to explore ideas of Blackpool as a town in constant Flux, the contrast between carnival and calm, change and tradition, focusing on architectural spaces along the new promenade developments that have taken place over the last decade.











Lancashire County Council Archives visit

Second year students took a trip to the Lancashire County Council Archives to get an insight into their working processes, how to become a contributor and what photographic treasures are held in the large collection.

Vicci McCann -senior archivist- was kind enough to dig out a range of interesting material from the archive to display to the students. Everything from a 17th Century hand written letter discussing the gun powder plot, to some early 20th Century Daguerreotypes were available for perusal.




Building links with a local institution like this has become an excellent method of first hand learning for all involved.

Photo UCLan at Paris Photo

Photo UCLan believe a strong international network is an important part of a young photographer’s career, the course highlights and encourages international opportunities. Recently third year student, Karl Child, visited Paris Photo to work with Foam Magazine.

Here are a selection of images from his trip:

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Karl is also a co-founder of the collective FOPAR and will be exhibiting at the Prime exhibition next Tuesday, follow @PrimeUCLAN for more details.

Portrait Strategies

As part of the practical workshop programme this semester, first year BA (Hons) Photography students have been exploring the studio, developing their technical and interpersonal skills, whilst also considering the nature of the photographic studio as a creative space.

Last week, students were set a simple brief to design a style and strategy to apply to a series of portraits. They experimented with ways of provoking a reaction/response from their subjects, either disarming their sitters or putting them under duress. Working in small groups they analysed the relationship between photographer and subject, questioning the notion of either party holding power when the shutter’s pressed…

This week the groups created their series of works, under live conditions and to tight time limits, they took control of the studio space and acted out their strategies:


© Ian Sharpe, Joe Williamson, Natashca Istratoglou, Roxy Moss, Thomas Rees


© Ali Hibberd, Damian Klemczak, Emma Givens, Abi Moss-Coomes


© Jason Rose, Ashleigh Swan, Eli Stewart, Charlie Stanton, Andrew Rawlinson


© Iain Hamilton, Beth Furbey, Petra Viltova, Rebecca Keogh


© Kendall Willmore, Holly Flethcher, Claire Rogan, Beth Holiday, Anna Hodgson, Bethanie Lawson