2nd Year exhibitions week 2017

ph2004_2017_exhibitionsph2004_2017_exhibitions_6ph2004_2017_exhibitions_3ph2004_2017_exhibitions_4ph2004_2017_exhibitions_5ph2004_2017_exhibitions_8ph2004_2017_exhibitions_2ph2004_2017_exhibitions_7This week our second year students have held exhibitions in Preston and Liverpool presenting their final work for the year, the students have worked independently in collectives to curate 4 shows with different themes connecting the work.

‘Shoot people not places’, ‘The diversity of elegance’, ‘Is this England?’ and ‘The Black and White Mind’

Well done to all second years for creating some fantastic work and doing an excellent job arranging and promoting your shows its been a pleasure viewing the work.

Recent UCLAN Graduate Shortlisted for Professional Photographer of the Year

Bart Staszowski, who graduated from BA Photography at UCLAN has recently been shortlisted for professional photographer of the year, in no less than three separate categories, Fashion, Location and Black and White.

The winners are to be announced later this year and we suspect that he will pick up at least one of these awards. Congratulations Bart.

You can see more of Bart’s work on his facebook page.¬† https://www.facebook.com/staszowski/ and website http://bartsp.com/

Lancashire County Council Archives visit

Second year students took a trip to the Lancashire County Council Archives to get an insight into their working processes, how to become a contributor and what photographic treasures are held in the large collection.

Vicci McCann -senior archivist- was kind enough to dig out a range of interesting material from the archive to display to the students. Everything from a 17th Century hand written letter discussing the gun powder plot, to some early 20th Century Daguerreotypes were available for perusal.




Building links with a local institution like this has become an excellent method of first hand learning for all involved.

Open submission – Waste Collectors by Corina Pickering





Recently graduated Corina compares the role of waste workers in different cultural settings in the Uk and China through a series of Portraits exploring issues of gender in the visible workforce. Corina explains:

“In China it appears that waste collectors are in abundance, largely due to the need to create jobs for its vast population. Despite their widespread presence they, like the waste collectors in the UK, are a typically invisible group of citizens within their respective society. However, if these workers in this trade vanished, the general public would almost certainly become very aware of them. In contrast to the British waste collectors earnings, the Chinese workers wages are a small fraction of what the British workers are paid. Gender is an issue that is raised when comparing the two countries; in China there are just as many female waste collectors as male. This is strongly contrasted with the UK where female workers in this industry are greatly outnumbered. There are many questions raised by the project and thy leave me wanting to further explore this matter.”

Corina Pickering is a portrait photographer based in the North West. Her work explores gender and society.

To see more of her work and further images from this project, visit www.corinapickering.com