Liminal Fashion & Photography

As part of the Fashion & Photography module, students were asked to interpret the concept of ‘Liminal’ as a 12 page fashion spread.
In the final session, students looked at Reed + Rader, Alis Pelleschi, Quentin Jones and Daniel Browns interactive pieces for Showstudio.
After a short & intensive workshop on the process of making an animated gif. Students were then given all 120 images from their Liminal submission and asked, in groups of 2, to create an animated gif that would explore the concept of Liminal further by merging images together/creating animations to make a truly Liminal image.
They then had to submit these within 1 hour to the Diesel Reboot site for Diesel’s #weareconnected brief, several of which have been published.


Hazel Whittall and Sandija Sandovska


Megan Bayliss and Alex Hartley

Sarah Lawler of UCLan and Ashley Sueng

Sarah Lawler of UCLan and Ashley Sueng from China (Via live link on Skype) discussed their photographic collaboration.

“A collaboration across continents with Frozen Vanity and Ashley Suen.

A month in Beijing had left me with questions, a lifetime in China and my friend had non.

A series of interviews and discussions only unravelled the pure innocence that lingered within many girls from China and their understanding and admiration of beauty.

Ashley Suen, a second year photography student in Beijing went back and forth with myself trying to figure out the root of this epidemic, firstly starting with her own thoughts and views. Reluctant to accept at first to what seemed quite barbaric as I told her no thought comes from nowhere; and what I saw in Beijing was different to what I had ever seen.

As Western imagery took over the landscape, so it did with faces. A Different Shade of Western White is an exploration of girls, beauty and realization.

A Skype call took place between my class and herself, were she explained her life as a photographer in China giving us an insight to the what we as photographers may take for granted. The discussion highlighted and revealed topics such as ethics, public and private places, social networking and the education system. Her friend doing a documentary project about orphans led to censorship, the simple act of accessing my blog lead to denial, and creativity coming to a halt. However optimism is still present in order to go forward with her photography.


Our Collaboration book:

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Sarah Lawler