Research is Everything, Everything is Research

In Semester 1 our second year students have been working on the direction of their photographic process, we have a drive to become more independent practitioners. Students experiment in a variety of ways making work relevant to them in genres they are excited about and discovering more personalised viewpoints, Research is Everything, Everything is Research.



Bartlomiej Staszowski – Visiting Lecture

Last Week we had the great pleasure of spending some time with one of our very talented Photouclan Alumni, fashion photographer Bartlomeij Staszowski. Bart was spending some time with our year 2 students showing the latest directions his work is taking and his journey into industry from UCLan.

Thank you for the advice and inspiration!

Bart also shared his advice and amazing studio lighting skills with us in our workshop time, helping students refine their lighting skills.

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Profile – Laura Melrose-Smith

Second year BA Photography student Laura Melrose-Smith is developing her practice shooting fashion in the urban environment, emulating the style of contemporary fashion photography but with a local connection.

“I take a lot of my fashion and photography inspiration from the United States, especially Los Angeles. I wanted to recreate the urban, edgy and feminine style you often see over on Instagram,  but on the streets of Manchester.”

Laura, who recently exhibited her work alongside fellow students as part of Photo UCLan’s Open Practice module, shot using 35mm colour film to give the images an edgy, candid look.

“I am loving the current streetwear high fashion trend currently but I wanted to keep it super feminine and fun but ensuring there’s still an urban element to the images. I shot on 35mm purely because I love the gritty raw vibe you get which relates to the style of the model and location.”

You can see more of Laura’s work on her website.

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2nd Year exhibitions week 2017

ph2004_2017_exhibitionsph2004_2017_exhibitions_6ph2004_2017_exhibitions_3ph2004_2017_exhibitions_4ph2004_2017_exhibitions_5ph2004_2017_exhibitions_8ph2004_2017_exhibitions_2ph2004_2017_exhibitions_7This week our second year students have held exhibitions in Preston and Liverpool presenting their final work for the year, the students have worked independently in collectives to curate 4 shows with different themes connecting the work.

‘Shoot people not places’, ‘The diversity of elegance’, ‘Is this England?’ and ‘The Black and White Mind’

Well done to all second years for creating some fantastic work and doing an excellent job arranging and promoting your shows its been a pleasure viewing the work.

Practice as Research – PH2004

The new Open Practice module continues to push pedagogical boundaries and stretch the imagination of students. Today the group were given six simple instructions and no other communication. Students approached the challenge in a unique and collaborative way.

  1. Gather in allocated group
  2. Go to your allocated space
  3. Observe your objects and materials
  4. Research and consider solutions
  5. Do something
  6. Meet back at 1pm to present your work

Photo UCLan Exhibition

Third year students exhibited new works in the PR1 Gallery, spanning a range of photographic practice, including, contemporary fashion, documentary, collage and the photo book














A selection of second year work from the Photography and the City module, was on display in the photography gallery area found above PR1






Year one and foundation students also be displayed photographic publications, which have been produced over the course this semester, exploring a diverse range of narrative driven photo work.





Thanks to all that made it along, and congratulations to those exhibiting students. Well done everyone.