Hepworth Wakefield & Yorkshire Sculpture Park

On Friday 21st March, Under Graduate students from Photography at UCLan went on a study trip to Yorkshire.  First stop was the Philip-Lorca Dicorcia exhibition at the The Hepworth Wakefield.  Both venue and exhibition were very impressive and it was fantastic to have access to such a large retrospective of this work in an institution outside of London.

DSCF3867 DSCF3839 DSCF3835 DSCF3844 DSCF3849 DSCF3858We then travelled to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.  Although emphasis is not on photographic work, the nature of the sculpture on display and the open air context that it is placed in, allowed students to spend time exploring how different weather and lighting conditions changed the way the work is viewed and engaged with.

DSCF3880 DSCF3881 DSCF3890


Student Visit to Artists’ Books Special Collection

Today students 1st Year UG Students went on a visit to the Artists’ Books Special Collection that is held at Manchester Metropolitan University.  This is an annual visit set up to help with research and development of one of the current projects that students are working on, in which they self publish their own photographic publication.  As always a great selection of work was made available by the collection team including original publications by Bill Brandt, Ed Ruscha and Stephen Gill.

DSCF3800s DSCF3795s DSCF3805s

Portrait Strategies

As part of the practical workshop programme this semester, first year BA (Hons) Photography students have been exploring the studio, developing their technical and interpersonal skills, whilst also considering the nature of the photographic studio as a creative space.

Last week, students were set a simple brief to design a style and strategy to apply to a series of portraits. They experimented with ways of provoking a reaction/response from their subjects, either disarming their sitters or putting them under duress. Working in small groups they analysed the relationship between photographer and subject, questioning the notion of either party holding power when the shutter’s pressed…

This week the groups created their series of works, under live conditions and to tight time limits, they took control of the studio space and acted out their strategies:


© Ian Sharpe, Joe Williamson, Natashca Istratoglou, Roxy Moss, Thomas Rees


© Ali Hibberd, Damian Klemczak, Emma Givens, Abi Moss-Coomes


© Jason Rose, Ashleigh Swan, Eli Stewart, Charlie Stanton, Andrew Rawlinson


© Iain Hamilton, Beth Furbey, Petra Viltova, Rebecca Keogh


© Kendall Willmore, Holly Flethcher, Claire Rogan, Beth Holiday, Anna Hodgson, Bethanie Lawson