Student Visit to Artists’ Books Special Collection

Today students 1st Year UG Students went on a visit to the Artists’ Books Special Collection that is held at Manchester Metropolitan University.  This is an annual visit set up to help with research and development of one of the current projects that students are working on, in which they self publish their own photographic publication.  As always a great selection of work was made available by the collection team including original publications by Bill Brandt, Ed Ruscha and Stephen Gill.

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Photo UCLan at Paris Photo

Photo UCLan believe a strong international network is an important part of a young photographer’s career, the course highlights and encourages international opportunities. Recently third year student, Karl Child, visited Paris Photo to work with Foam Magazine.

Here are a selection of images from his trip:

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Karl is also a co-founder of the collective FOPAR and will be exhibiting at the Prime exhibition next Tuesday, follow @PrimeUCLAN for more details.

Gallery Visits, Liverpool

Students from all years of the BA and MA saw a fantastic range of work during our recent visit to FACT, Bluecoat and Open Eye.


The staff at FACT gave us a tour of the Mark Boulos exhibitions:

Mark (3)

There were some interesting pieces in the Bluecoat’s 3am exhibition:



But the highlight of the day had to be the work of the late Tim Hetherington at the Open Eye, particularly the video piece Sleeping Soldiers.


Mark (9)

Mark (6)

Mark (5)

Mark (4)

Mark (1)

Many thanks to all the staff at

Gallery Visits, Bradford

First and Second year students recently visited Bradford to explore two diverse exhibitions and engage with artist talks and critical discussions:

Bradford National Media Museum, Copper Horses, Chris Harrison.
Chris Harrison The Bradford Fellowship in Photography 2012/13 and Brian Liddy of National Media Museum.

Students viewed the new exhibition of Copper Horses a diverse and engaging photographic exhibition exploring the relationship between father and son.


The work also explores craft and skill, and memory. Chris articulated his ideas, process and methodology and realisation. Brian Liddy interjected and spoke about the collaborative process of working with the institution with reference to the National Media Museum.
Furthermore Chris discussed professional practice and the connections between his commercial work and personal work.
Impressions Gallery The Home Front Melanie Friend
The Work by Photographer Melanie Friend explores the public view presented to civilians of the military by the military. Images taken at military events ‘family fun days’ and weapon trade conventions.Image
Sophie Powell the Learning Manager at Impressions engaged the students in critical dialogue to discuss the key themes and varied positions raised by the work. Sophie also answered questions through engaging in a positive Q&A session.


Artists’ Studio Visits, Manchester

As part of a week of field trips a group of students from each year of the under graduate Photography course visited four different types of studio in Manchester to gain understanding and experience of possible career routes and working environments after graduation.  The places visited were

Textbook Studio / Mono: &

Ultimate Holding Company:

Malgras Naudet at Rogue Studios

Will Sharp at Bankley Studios

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Photographer Visits – Manchester



man 32










Third year students visited working photographers in Manchester last week as part of their professional development and the new Jeremy Deller exhibition showing at the Manchester City Art Gallery ‘All That is Solid Melts into Air’ to look at contemporary display methods.

We visited Andrew Brooks who gave great insight in to the working life of a photographer working freelance for great clients such as the BBC Philharmonic and how he continues his personal projects and the development of his unique image making style.

We also visited Vice Magazine photographer Chris Bethell and his journalist friend Caroline at Piccadilly Gardens who very kindly took a few minutes out from working on an article for Vice to give an insight into collaborating on articles and how Chris operates as an editorial photographer choosing projects and issues to focus on for article proposals.

Thank you to all Andrew and Chris for some great advice and insight in to your busy lives.

Unseen Photofair – Amsterdam

Photouclan’s Adam Mead recently visited the Unseen Photofair, in what proved to be an insightful look at contemporary photographic practise.

“Unseen has grown with its second year out of a sincere enthusiasm for photography. From day one we wanted to provide not just a feast for the eyes, but for the mind as well. A place that was integral to the exchange of dialogue, artistic expression and ideas. Unseen is a centre of gravity for those artists who use the medium in unexpected, innovative, intelligent and provocative ways.”

The fair was located in Westergasfabriek, a disused gasworks. The site being split into different areas:

Unseen Photofair

More than fifty photography galleries from all over the world were exhibiting, with the focus on undiscovered  photography talent and unseen work of established photographers.






The Photo Fair also provided a platform for artist-run initiatives to showcase their work alongside the traditional gallery stands, MELK being one of the highlights:


A short walk to the other festival sites gave an opportunity to see the winners of this years Foam Talent Awards:


Unseen Theatre

The theatre was hosting a series of talks, interviews and panel discussions around contemporary photographic themes. The stand out talk here was “How to Connect in a Globalising World” The panel consisted of curators from across the globe and there was some lively debate:


The discussion was based around the theme of how, in the West, are we to react to emerging global markets? How do we appreciate other cultural traditions? How can curators, photographers, experts and scholars worldwide develop a mutual understanding of developing art? And can we speak of such a thing as truly global art?

Leaving the theatre, I stumbled upon an interesting exhibition inspired by the work of Brad Feuerhelm (photography collector and dealer), some innovative display techniques were on offer and the highlights here were the artists Steffi Klenz and Isabelle Wenzel:


JR’s Inside Out

The photographer JR travelled to Unseen in order to “create an exhibition with no boundaries” members of the public were invited to take part in the exhibition, having their portrait taken in a mobile photo studio, this being printed onsite, instantly and displayed in the same building:

Unseen Book Market

Set in a familiar book fair format, the book market provided a great chance to not only see and engage with artist books but also talk to the publishers behind the work.


The Unseen dummy awards were also located in the centre of the room, this competition gave photographers the chance to win the publication of their photobook dummy.


Just outside the book market the artist Tom Lovelace, whose work was on display, was also staging performative interventions throughout the festival:


Unseen Living Room

The Living room was an informal meeting place that gave an opportunity to listen to artist talks, discussions and demonstrations.


One particular highlight was the photographer Melinda Gibson, demonstrating the process of binding her book “Miss Titus Becomes A Regular Army Mac”:


More information on the Unseen Fair can be found here: Unseen

Berlin Stories: Day 6

The final day seen the students and staff gain access to C/O Berlin, the most established gallery in Berlin dedicated to Photography. Co-Curator and project manager, Ann-Christin Bertrand, met the students and took them on a guided tour of the currently un-furbished new gallery space. Having moved from the former imperial Postfuhramt in Berlin-Mitte, C/O Berlin relocated into an old American cultural centre building -Amerkia Haus- built just after the second world war. This unique opportunity to catch a glimpse inside the walls of a gallery space prior to is refurbishment is one that the general vistor to Berlin would never get to see.

The attitude and willingness to engage with the students of Ann-Christin Bertrand capped off a truly memorable and productive trip to the ever fascinating German Capital.

Many thanks to all the students and staff involved for making it such a sucessful week.






Berlin Stories: Day 5

Situated just off the banks of River Spree, Potsdamer Platz is host to a number of fantastic art galleries. The Isabella Bortolozzi Galerie is one such gallery, positioned inside a building which could be easily overlooked as it is also a residential housing block. Currently on show is the mind-boggling video work of Ed Atkins. His two piece video installation is a surreal trip inside the mind of Atkins, a trip that has to be seen to be fully appreciated.



Just a few minutes walk from the Isabella Bortolozzi is the vast and beautiful, Blain|Southern Galerie  on display was group of video works by Douglas Gordon. Both the work and this incredible gallery space instantly reaffirm what an amazing cultural hub Berlin really is.