Claire Angel & Karl Child – The Steve Project

The Steve Project is a collaboration between two UCLan alumni – Claire Angel and Karl Child – who study the importance of family photography and the traditional display methods within the family home. The work is an in-depth study of the psychological reasoning behind the notion to curate and exhibit family photography. Over three years their research and data collection will result in a series of community based workshops, exhibitions and a photobook alongside an academic research paper aiming to inform and educate students and artists on the significance and relevance of traditional family photography in a digital age.

The Steve Project

Through a series of professionally organised house sitting assignments they plan to travel around England documenting the inevitable exhibitions curated by the family members and home owners. By doing this they will gain knowledge and understanding which will allow them to identify and analyse certain concepts such as patterns and trends, dynamics and power alignments within relationships, subconscious decisions made by all participants and the interactions between the physical prints and each family member including the curator and observer.

The Steve Project 2

The Steve Project

Claire Angel

Karl Child

The ongoing work is also on show at The PrintSpace

IRIS Exhibition – ETALAGE

IRIS is an artistic platform offering talented individuals the opportunity to share their creativity through a range of innovative exhibitions.

A number of BA & MA photography students and graduates from UCLan are involved and AWOL Studios in Manchester will host their next exhibition:

Hope Mill, Pollard Street, Manchester M4 7JA

Alumni Profiles: Paula Murray

Photo-UCLan alumni Paula Murray is currently working as the lead photographer for Headspace, in association with Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust.

“Headspace is an arts and science based project developed between Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, it’s associated artists and FACT. Using state of the art 3D photography equipment, our event aims to establish a database of human head shapes. This will become an invaluable resource for furthering research into life changing craniofacial surgery in children.”

As part of the initiative, Paula will be presenting a collection of photographs documenting the physical environment that children encounter during their time spent receiving craniofacial treatment at Alder Hey.


More information on the exhibition and Headspace can be found here:

Graduate Profile – Wayne Daniel Exhibition

Psuedo by Wayne Daniel

Exhibition runs from 6 September to 30 September 2013 at FYCreatives in Blackpool


Psuedo is the first Solo Show of photographic works by UCLan graduate Wayne Daniel

“The archive of Dr. Walter Verbogden c1958 – 1964 concerns the validity and truth of the Chimera, which employs the splicing together of DNA of two or more animal species to create a new heightened species.  This idea, although mythical at its route, is very possible with modern technology and advances in the field of genetics.

It is only in today’s society that morals and ethics fully police the world and work of science, especially in relation to genetics.  As shown in the images, found by the photographer and carefully reprinted using traditional darkroom methods, the use of technology to indulge in pseudo-scientific ideas of creating new species has been employed in past decades.


The work presented is curated from parts of a discovered archive dated between 1958 and 1964, shown along with what appears to be German transcripts of the scientific processes employed and the byproducts of the creation of these ‘animals’.  All artifacts were discovered at a car boot sale by the photographer and the seller had little knowledge about the many slides of film he possessed after buying the entire contents of a storage facility at auction which contained vintage medical equipment.”


FYCreatives: Gallery open Mondays and Wednesdays to Fridays, 9am-4.30pm.

154-158 Church Street

Tel: 01253 477147
Fax: 01253 477145


2nd Year students assist on Amberly Valentine Shoot




Josh Payne & Bart Staszowski had the opportunity to assist Amberly Valentine (Uclan Alumni) during the shoot for the relaunch of Hedonist magazine in conjunction with Hasselblad, Republik agency and Luxe pr.

“It was a very glossy, sexy feeling shoot with 3 professional models, top make-up artists, hair stylists and stylists. It was in Velasquez suite in Cadogan Gardens, which is a swanky hotel in Knightsbridge. We both played parts in lighting set up and the general roles that an assistant is requested to do, ie brew breaks. It was a great opportunity to take part in & hopefully we will stay in touch with Amberly & other creatives that were involved.” – Josh and Bart

Field Notes Reading Group

On Tuesday April 23rd the Photography Research Group held its second session of the reading group Field Notes. The session took place in the Media Innovation Space (ME414) Dr Andrew Warstat chaired the session and selected the works under discussion.




Continuing on from the discussion in the first session, the meeting focused on the way photography is conceptualised through photographic genres (as we discussed in relation to Martha Rosler) and via its connection with art, philosophical aesthetics, history and politics. The question of how we ‘think’ through photographs, its historical baggage and ‘autonomy’ were explored and its relationship to our understanding of what photography ‘is’, today.




The set reading for this session were:


1.’Photography and Aesthetics’ – Peter Wollen, Screen, 17:4 (1978/79).


2.’Marks of Indifference: Aspects of Photography in, or as, Conceptual Art’ – Jeff Wall in The Last Picture Show, ed. Douglas Fogle (Minneapolis: Walker. Art Centre, 2003), pp. 32-44.


3.Adorno, (1992) ‘Letter to Walter Benjamin’, Brooker, P, Modernism/Postmodernism (London: Longman) pp.50-57.




The next session of Field Notes will take place on the last week of September. It will be led by David Dennison. If you would like to attend or would like more info, please e-mail John Aitken –

MA Exhibition at CUBE confirmed – September 2013

We’re thrilled to announce that the University will be supporting another MA exhibition at Cube in Manchester this year.

The dates for your diary are 16 – 21 September, when we will be showing the work of current MA students as well as MA alumni.

Last year’s exhibition was a great success, and particularly helpful for first year BA students who attended the artists’ talks:




All UCLan MA Photography alumni are invited to submit work for consideration – if your are not on our mailing list please contact us via the email link at the top of this page.

Dave Alexander – Graduate Profile

Dave Alexander graduated from the BA(Hons) Photography course in 2012 when he was instantly spotted as a future talent by the British Journal of Photography.  A double page article titled ‘Beyond Perfection’ discussed Dave as being a photographer with a highly considered approach to both his own portfolio and his identity as a young professional.  A move to London shortly followed and since then Dave has worked as an assistant and digital operator on shoots for clients including GQ, Wired, Sunday Telegraph and Guardian Weekend.