The 2nd International Workshop on Visual Research – March 29th 2017

As the new term begins to take shape, I’m pleased to announce that the Photography Research Group (PRG) have sprung into action with their first event of the year.

The 2nd International Workshop on Visual Methods will be a one-day symposium/workshop premised  upon building relationships between visually orientated research and the social sciences. The workshop will open with two keynote speakers followed by a presentation from the Vice President of the International Sociological Association’s Visual Sociology Group. In the afternoon, the workshop will turn its attention to the wider doctoral community, spotlighting some of the most exciting  scholarship undertaken at a PhD level, internationally.

The event will host speakers from a range of locations and institutions including the UK, USA, Germany, Israel and Russia, with the event promising to to be a great platform upon which to promote and exchange knowledge and ideas. Over the course of coming weeks we’ll publish speaker profiles and begin to unpick some of the themes that the event will address.

In the meantime keep an eye on the dedicated webspace, found in the hyperlink above which, includes the registration link, abstracts, speaker bio’s and much more.

Registration is free and lunch will be provided. There is also a grant to support current ISA PhD students to attend.

Here is sample of the images and environments that’ll be addressed by our speakers on the day.

Gary Bratchford

March 29th 2017
Uclan 4th floor, Media F
9am registration and prompt 9:30am start


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