Showcase -Tabitha Jussa – Fieldwork Photography Symposium

Tabitha Jussa is another of our exhibitors at this years Fieldwork Photography Symposium on November 9th. Her work will also be shown at the University’s PR1 Gallery alongside a range of other practitioners during the symposium. She has spoken with Fieldnotes about her photographic development and the project she will be exhibiting.

Twenty Thousand City

20K City – Tabitha Jussa

This work is an on going exploration into the state of housing and the redevelopment of areas within cities worldwide. The audience are asked to consider the fate of our environment, of our culture, the importance of retaining physical links with the past through the built environment and the implications of the removal of the known landscape.

Throughout my practice, the work continues to encompass themes of duration, succession, change and time, taking the medium of photography beyond its immediate boundaries, to create a new metaimage – a moment in time stretched beyond the real.

Each photograph consists of between 10-50 individual negative images, composited together digitally to create a newly constructed view of each place. The photographs are large scale, encouraging the viewer to macro and microscopically read each picture, a nod to the tradition of the painted tableau.

Eldon Grove 2012

Eldon Grove – Tabitha Jussa

My current practice is focused upon twenty-first century societal values, social planning and the importance of architecture to social wellbeing.

The ability to map our sense of belonging through the physical landscape is something we might take for granted. When change suddenly occurs it can evoke a real sense of loss. On occasion the destruction of certain buildings can cause a gut wrenching reaction, as if something of ones self has been violently removed.

The connection to the past is lost not only physically, but also mentally. The landscape has been thrown into a state of flux. What was once known is unknown. There is an immediate inability to connect with this new place, a space where the past exists only in the memory.

How much do we need a continual reminder of our past, in order to carry ourselves into the future? Do these physical reference points of our environment ensure that everyone is connected and has the same sense of belonging?   And do these connection points enable us to express our shared identity more readily?

Tabitha’s award winning work has been exhibited in a number of major galleries in the UK and internationally;

2015 ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ – Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool

Awarded Arts Council England Funding

2015 ‘Modern History vol. 1’ Curated by Lynda Morris – The Grundy, Blackpool

2014 ‘Liverpool Art Prize 2014’ – Metal, Edge Hill Station Liverpool

Winner of the Judges & Peoples Choice Award

2012 ‘A Lecture Upon The Shadow’ – Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool and

ShanghART Gallery, Shanghai

2011 ‘Show me the Monet’ – Finalists Exhibition, Royal College of Art & BBC 2

2011 ‘Reflex 2’ – Howard Gardens Gallery, Cardiff

2011 ‘Terra Marique’ – Ffotogallery, Penarth

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