Keynote Speaker – Jerome Krase

We are pleased to announce Professor Jerome Krase as the Keynote speaker for the 2016 Fieldwork symposium.


Professor Jerome Krase photographed on his stoop, in Brooklyn, USA. Photo by Tim Philo

Jerome is Emeritus and Murray Koppelman Professor at Brooklyn College, City University of New York and an activist-scholar who works on many urban community issues. Jerome researches and lectures, writes and photographs about urban life and culture globally. As co-editor of Urbanities – The Journal of Urban Ethnography,  Jerome also serves on the editorial board for a number of other publications including: Cidades, Visual Studies, and the Journal of Video Ethnography. 

Asking “how does the image of the city in which people live and work impact on their lives, and how do images of their denizens create or reflect the image of the city itself? ” Jerome’s paper will interrogate the role of visually-oriented work produced by social scientists, photographers, photojournalists and others who seek to create and disseminate images of the city.

An active member of the International Sociological Association and the International Visual Sociological Association Jerome’s work seeks to consolidate the relationship between visual research and sociological practices, with particular emphasis on the importance of the visual in urban research. As such, much of Jerome’s work  considers how we look at cities, questioning how we ‘see’ the city change. Combining scholarly and critical approaches, Jerome’s work prioritises visual, participatory and sensory research that will make for an exciting and engaging presentation and discussion. A list of Jerome’s publications can be accessed here.

For a taster, have a look at a 10minute snippet of Jerome discussing his latest book, Seeing Cities Change

For some additional reading and useful links see the following:

Urbanities Journal

The International Sociological Association  – Visual Research Group 

The (IVSA) International Visual Sociological Association 

williamsburg 2016Williamsburg Gentrification. Jerry Krase (2016)

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