Natascha Istratoglou – Professional Experience

The 5 images show the areas of Photography in which that I wish to pursue my career. Also a small theme seems to have accrued with my selection, this being one off shots from events that may never happen again and that each shot is individual and will never be recreated exactly.

These areas are Events, such as the Cycling image from the Tour de France in the last sprint to the finish line coming around the corner towards Buckingham Palace and then down The Mall which was 600m away.

The Red Arrows was from the Sunderland International Air Show which is a 4-5 hour long air show that is performed over the North Sea.

The wedding shot was to show how happy people are and to help to create happy loving memories for all the participants to enjoy from years to come.

The other area was Nature/ Wildlife, such as The Puffins were taking on the Farne Islands in Northumberland, where there are thousands of sea birds ranging from Puffins to Razorbills to different types of Terns, etc.

The Eagle owl shot is to show just how great nature can be if you know how to photograph it and you have an eye for knowing when a one off shot can happen/ be created and to show just how great nature/wildlife is and how much I enjoy being in and around it.

Natascha1 Natascha2 Natascha3 Natascha4 Natascha5

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