Hazel Whittall – Hamina Tattoo, Finland’s International Military Music Festival

Alongside University life, during my spare time for over a year now, I have been part of a wonderful and talented Army Reserve Band, ‘The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment Band’. This year as part of our annual summer camp, our Combined Bands of The Lancashire Artillery and The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment were honoured to represent the United Kingdom at Hamina Tattoo in Finland, and to have performed alongside military bands from across the globe, showcasing captivating music and spectacular figure marching skills. Even though for most of the time I had to rehearse and play during the concerts, I was only able to photograph during our free time when we were able to explore more of Hamina and in between performances. Therefore I had given my camera to one of the Liaison Officer’s to capture our performances in the arena, as well as looking after our band during our stay.

In addition, after our previous Combined Bands trip to the Falkland Islands back in April, the photos I had captured to record our time over there, were also used as part of the publication in the Hamina Tattoo Programme booklets, of which I was personally pleased to see my work printed in a publication abroad as well on their website.

H.Whittall_Hamina Tattoo_1 H.Whittall_Hamina Tattoo_2 H.Whittall_Hamina Tattoo_3

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