Second year under graduate student Chris Teagles recently began Photoclub as an out of hours session to support fellow student learning.

“As a second year student I have now begun to see the benefits of feedback and advice from peers. Last year I organised a small workshop with some other second years and we helped each other learn and improve technical skills and assisted each other in the studio. This is something I feel would really benefit everyone, it will expand knowledge, technical ability and contacts with other students. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and we can learn from each other. Once a week I plan on opening the media factory studio (Or any other location) for anyone to drop in and spend time discussing ideas and experimenting with new ideas and learning from everyone else. These sessions will be run as a drop in session, everyone is welcome. A few weeks in and we can then begin to organise workshops from students proficient in certain disciplines and techniques.”

Week 3 was led by three second years; Alex Mealin, Alex Hartley and Chris. This week students looked at simple lighting, effects of different light modifiers and lighting gels and more studio practice.

IMG_4538 Photoclub1 IMG_4583 Photoclub3 IMG_4537 Photoclub2 IMG_4510

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