Gallery Visits, Bradford

First and Second year students recently visited Bradford to explore two diverse exhibitions and engage with artist talks and critical discussions:

Bradford National Media Museum, Copper Horses, Chris Harrison.
Chris Harrison The Bradford Fellowship in Photography 2012/13 and Brian Liddy of National Media Museum.

Students viewed the new exhibition of Copper Horses a diverse and engaging photographic exhibition exploring the relationship between father and son.


The work also explores craft and skill, and memory. Chris articulated his ideas, process and methodology and realisation. Brian Liddy interjected and spoke about the collaborative process of working with the institution with reference to the National Media Museum.
Furthermore Chris discussed professional practice and the connections between his commercial work and personal work.
Impressions Gallery The Home Front Melanie Friend
The Work by Photographer Melanie Friend explores the public view presented to civilians of the military by the military. Images taken at military events ‘family fun days’ and weapon trade conventions.Image
Sophie Powell the Learning Manager at Impressions engaged the students in critical dialogue to discuss the key themes and varied positions raised by the work. Sophie also answered questions through engaging in a positive Q&A session.


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