#SeeMyMosque by Sarah Lawler

Second year under graduate student Sarah Lawler, recently launched #SeeMyMosque – a personal project that intends to “encourage the muslim youth to get involved with doing something for Islam in a fun and interactive way, and secondly to show non-muslims the beauty of Islam and not what is generally portrayed by the mainstream media.”

This project has so far become manifest in two ways.  An online project space has been launched to allow anyone to send in Images of their local mosques by hash tagging #SeeMyMosque on Instagram or sending it through the website www.seemymosque.tumblr.com 

Sarah also realised this project as an exhibition on the Harris Flights, a temporary public art intervention based in the city centre http://incertainplaces.org/artworks/about-the-project-harris-flights

In a project statement Sarah explains:

“The exhibition was to encourage the discussion of Preston, Place and Prayer, with the rapid growth of mosques around the world and in Preston It has become an issue or a relief for some. The exhibition gave a rare opportunity for the general public to have an insight to See My Mosque and see another side to Islam and be inspired, surprised and curious. The exhibition included Preston to Palestine, Preston to Beijing and Preston to the Syrian Refugee Camps. We exhibited over a 1,000 photos that have been sent in by the general public.”

DSC_6365 Sm


DDSC_1080 Sm


DSC_6415 Sm


19 Sm


DSC_6368 Sm


22 Sm

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