Daniel Llobera wins BJP’s Best in Show at Free Range 2013




Daniel Llobera’s final year under graduate degree show project has been chosen as the Best in Show by the British Journal of Photography at Free Range 2013.

Writing on the BJP website, Gemma Padley explains:

“While this freedom of communication has its obvious advantages, there is a darker side; the blurring of the distinction between public and private has made it increasingly difficult to know what or who is real. When we see an image of a person online how can we be sure he or she is who they say they are?

These are some of the issues graduate Daniel Llobera addresses in his project, Search, which has won one of BJP‘s two Best in Show prizes at this year’s Free Range exhibitions.

Appropriating portraits from dating websites, missing persons sites and the FBI ‘most wanted’ website, Llobera manipulates these images digitally to make them look pixelated and in doing so questions the way we present ourselves online. At the core of the project are questions of representation and how we gather information about other people in an online world.”

More content here http://www.bjp-online.com/british-journal-of-photography/feature/2277066/daniel-llobera-wins-bjps-best-in-show-at-free-range-2013


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