Berlin Stories: Terri-Ann Williams

The Egyptian Museum and Papyrus Collection in Berlin has a range of antiquities which rivals that of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

This year the museum is holding a special exhibition: “In light of Amarna,100 years discovery of Nefertiti”. As Cairo continue to claim the bust of Nefrititi is rightfully theirs, a spokesperson for the Berlin Museum says that ‘the bust is too fragile to travel’.

In the past tensions have been high between the Museum in Berlin and Cairo. The bust of Nefertiti is one of the main exhibitions at the museum in Berlin, and is one of the most prized pieces in it’s collection.

Over 100 years ago an excavation was funded by Berlin born philanthropist James Simon, this excavation was carried out in Amarnaby German archaeologist, Ludwig Borchardt, in December 1912. It’s believed the bust of Nefertiti was made around 1350BC.

The bust has been displayed to the public for over 100 years and the German Government are defiant that the piece still belongs to them.

“I think Nefertiti is the best ambassador of Egypt. She is accepted here, although she is still unique and different. She must stay in Germany,” said Dr Wildung, the curator of the Egyptian Museum in Berlin.

In my opinion the exhibition is beautiful and the museum itself is a credit the archaeologists who have come from Germany and discovered such wonders. However the Cairo museum also holds a huge range of artifacts and antiques that are in no doubt the best source for Egyptologists and people interested in the history of Egypt.

The bust of Nefertiti is priceless and should be kept well preserved for people all over the world to see. Her rightful place of course is her home land Egypt, but if transporting her there means harming the bust then she should stay in Berlin.

Berlin March 2013 067

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