Berlin Stories: Tueufelsburg

From the Rubble of World War Two began project ‘Devil Mountain’; the spy tower – Tueufelsburg – built by the US with compliance from the UK to hack and transfer USSR intelligence.


Built in 1955, Tueufelsburg represented a hostile epoch in the cold war era. Stepping out of the train station began a twenty minute walk to the top of devil’s mountain, entering the security checkpoint we were open to roam the space of the US/UK spy tower, now abandoned and decorated with art.


As we explored the second floor, we came across the only room present, an enclave upon a floor littered with cracks and holes. The room was an attempt by a local businessman to transform Tueufelsburg into a multi-functional hotel and company enterprise. Followed were protests and demonstrations to halt plans for the commercialisation of one of the many iconic symbols not only of Berlin, but of the Cold War era.


Images: Jonny Boxall, Grace Cappy, Josh Payne

Words: James Whitehead

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