First Year Student GIF Project

A project designed to encourage students to consider the multimedia capacity of photography as a communicative ‘new media’ medium, each new first student was asked to crete a Gif’s. As contemporary practitioners students need to understand the versatility of the medium and the visual image. Some of the GIFs below reflect the range of visually engaging work being produced across the year group.



Fieldwork Photography Symposium

Preston, 9th November 2016

Hosted by the Photography Research Group, the Fieldwork Photography Symposium explored a range of discourses exploring the ‘Urban Image’. The day was chaired by John van Aitken, MA Course Leader and Academic Lead for the school of Journalism, Media and Performance.

Speakers on the day included:

Theo Simpson – An Exploration of How the North of England Can Be Conceived and Encoded

Valentina Anzoise – Fringescapes: Hangzhou Future Sci-Tech City

Followed by and Q &A with J Purcell (UClan Photography Research Group)

Glass Ball Collective – David Ball and Cora Ball talked about their work at Skelmersdale New Town.

Laetitia Vancon – Photography and Gentrification

Followed by and Q&A with Brian J Morrison  (UClan Photography Research Group)

Kevin Crooks – UClan Alumni and DBACE winner 2016

Eugenie Shingle – Gabriele Basilico and the New Topographics aesthetic

Jerome Krase – “Seeing the Image of the City Change, Again”

Q&A: Led by Erik Knudsen (Professor of Media Practice UCLan) & Gary Bratchford (UCLan Photography Research Group) with closing statements from John van Aitken

Other events during the symposium were a Pop-up Portrait studio using a 10×8 negatives facilitated with Adam Mead in collaboration with BA students from years 1-3


North Publication, free download.

To celebrate the launch of our second edition of NORTH, a publication of undergraduate, postgraduate and staff projects along side commissioned pieces of writing and interviews, we are making the first edition available for free download.


The first edition of North was an attempt to challenge the traditional degree show model, giving students the opportunity to be featured in a publication with distribution across the UK and Europe.



The success of this new model, has inspired a new edition of the publication which will be launched on Wednesday 9th at the Fieldwork Conference. To receive your free copy of Volume one simply click here and follow the download request information.

We hope you enjoy these two editions of PhotoUCLan’s best and brightest visual practitioners.

Fieldwork SpotLight: Valentina Anzoise

In addition to Jerome Krase, the Fieldwork conference will play host to another important scholar in the emergent field Visual Sociology, Valentina Anzoise. The president of the ISA Visual Sociology Working Group, Valentina is also currently an Assistant Researcher at the European Centre for Living Technology at the University of Venice. As one of the ‘Young Researchers of the European-Aid Project, MEDIUM‘, a project exploring new pathways for sustainable urban development in China’s medium-sized cities, Valentina, will present a reflection on her most recent fieldwork in China, entitled Fringescapes: Hangzhou Future Sci-Tech City.


Valentina’s discussion will focus on the urbanisation-related changes that have taken place over a 30 year period in the Chinese City of Hangzhou. The focus of the talk will be on the area of Yuhang. A space originally constituted as wetlands and farmland, Yuhang was annexed by the city in 2001 and will soon play host to one of 4 national ‘demonstration cluster zones’ in China, dedicated to the innovation industry, otherwise known as the Zhejiang Hangzhou Future Sci-tech City.

Based on a 12 month fieldwork project in this ‘fringe space’, Valentina will discuss how visual methods have been used in this complex space, noting how such methods offer valuable tools and frameworks in the exploration of fields and phenomena that require a more expanded research approach. The conclusion of this presentation will consider how such approaches allow one to adapt, intertwine and integrate different knowledges and languages in the effort to generate new knowledge via visual enquiry.

A sample of Valentina’s work can be seen below, and these images, plus more will be on view at the PR1 Gallery alongside other works from other Fieldwork contributors and staff from Tuesday, 8th of November, 2016.